Southern Sunday Y'all

BryGuy wanted one thing for Father's Day and that was homemade coconut cake. Seeing as though it was his first Father's Day, I thought granting his dessert wishes would be a nice thing to do. And since the weather forecast looked pretty good, he decided to smoke some ribs and some pork butt. While the meats were cooking, I whipped up some coleslaw, and Bry mixed up some tasty bourbon cocktails... and my friends, Southern Sunday was born. Check out more photos from our Father's Day below. Also, if you're interested in making the most refreshing bourbon cocktail in your own home, here's the recipe for a Whisky Smash.

I just love the way Lu looks at her daddy. 
How'd I do on my cake? Well it looks pretty, and it tasted pretty darn good. I'm always hard on myself when it comes to cooking and baking, so I would've preferred if the cake part was a little lighter, it was plenty moist but a little dense. However, the frosting was bangin', if i I do say so myself. I'll share the recipe in another blog post in case anyone is interested. 

How was your Father's Day? Did you do anything extra special for the amazing dads in your life?


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