Bathroom makeover

So this is our downstairs bathroom. I love having a bathroom on the first floor because we spend so much time in the living room and kitchen, it's nice not to have to run upstairs every time you have to pee. Except, here's the thing, I hate that bathroom. I dislike using it so much that I actually choose to go up and down the stairs to the second floor bathroom instead of using the one that was just a room away. 

I always told Bry that this bathroom was a down-the-road project for me, but when I found myself not even wanting to step into it, I knew it was time for a change. I went to the hardware store, looked at paint chips for about two seconds, picked one that looked okay and went home and started painting. A fresh coat of paint was all it took to give this room some new life. Check out the before and after photos below. 

I selected Behr's Juniper Breeze which is a very soft greenish blue, with a little bit of gray mixed in. At first, I thought the color was too close to white and that I'd made a big mistake, but now I know it was exactly the color the room needed. The bathroom feels so much cleaner and spa-like now. I actually find myself not minding the finish of the vanity and mirror as much, although I still have plans to refinish those too. The black shelves above the toilet were gifted to me from a friend that had a bunch of them in her basement that were left from the previous owners. Not only are they functional in this space, but they really pop against the wall color.

What do you think of the mini makeover? 

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