A mystical nature walk

When I heard that it was going to hit 65 degrees yesterday, I just knew that the little one and I had to get out for a walk. We headed to Forbidden Drive (love the name) and took a walk along the trails of the Wissahickon Valley Park. It was quite foggy when we arrived, and I have to admit it was a little eerie. I even phoned my husband to tell him where I was because I just got the feeling that this could be the scene of a great murder mystery. Fortunately, our walk was uneventful. I didn't bring my nice camera because, you know, with a baby strapped to you, you just want to stay as hands-free as possible. But, I was able to snap some pretty photos with my phone's camera. Check out more photos from our nature walk below. 

As we were heading back to the car, the sun decided to make a little appearance. 
After seeing these four fallen giants, I kept getting nervous that a tree was going to fall on us at any moment. Apparently when you become a mother you imagine disaster at every turn. 
 This mud puddle reflection is surprisingly beautiful. 
My view during the nature walk... I swear I can not put her in the wrap without her falling asleep, it never fails!
Sad bench. And this sign made me laugh, you want me to take a horse and/or bike up that trail?! I think not. 

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