Lobster lovers unite

We got ya fresh lobstahs right he-ah! 

Okay. I'll stop now. 

On a whim of spontaneity -- and because we were asked by our friends Josh and Abbie, who we truly adore -- we decided to get wild on a Wednesday night and head on over to the Oystah House. Sorry, Oyster House. For their twin lobster dinner special. 

Doesn't that just sound like the best idea ever?! I love getting down and dirty with some freshly boiled lobster and all its sweet sweet lobstery meat. Not to mention the oodles of clarified butter to drown it in... 

The deal runs every Wednesday in August (or hopefully longer, I'm drafting my email to the management now) and for $26 you get two 1-pound lobsters and corn on the cob. In addition to the lobster dinners, we ordered some delicious oysters to start (I mean, come on, it's called the Oyster House for a reason) and a few sides: beans, french fries, and coleslaw. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of anything else because I was either, a) inhaling my food too fast to capture in still photography, or b) covered in lobster gunk. 

Obviously, Abbie and sported our fancy shmancy bibs the entire meal in order to protect our clothing. But our manly men were not feeling the bibs and they risked their lives shirts for the sake of fashion. But we did manage to get them to put on the bibs for a brief photo. 

I'm thinking that I might just have to come back for one last lobster dinner before the month is over. Also, I've been dying to get a group together to do their dump dinner. Any takers? 

I should also mention that the bartenders over at the Oyster House know how to make a pretty mean cocktail too. My Hemingway was delicious! 


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