Ten happy moments of the week

Photo by Fridas Fina

1. Last night, Bry suggested that we skip the gym and head to the Mt. Airy Street Fare. It was a beautiful night and I was crazy sore from the last two days at the gym so I figure, what the heck? It turned out to be a really fun time. We ate some delicious food, listened to some good music and got a taste of how cool Mt. Airy is. Stay tuned for a separate post on the event next week. 

2. Dan dan noodles from Han Dynasty - hot or cold they are amazing. 

3. Not having to run the air conditioner in our bedroom at night anymore. While I love a nice chilly room to sleep in, I cannot stand the noise of a running window AC unit. I'm so happy these nights are cooler and it's been comfortable enough to just sleep with the ceiling fan going. 

4. Cappuccino and a chocolate croissant. Once a week I splurge on a frothy cappuccino and a chocolate croissant from the bakery across the street from my office. I take my time eating that flaky pastry and sipping my delicious drink and I feel transported back to Italy for just a few moments. 

5. A rainy day that turned into a less rainy day for our annual Phillies tailgate with folks from the gym. 

6. No more hangovers. While I'll admit that I miss the social aspect of drinking with friends, I don't miss the debilitating morning headaches. 

7. Cuddle sessions with some of my favorite babies this week. I spent some time on Friday and Sunday with my main man Leo and the beautiful Violet, then I got in some good bonding time on Wednesday night with Julia (aka The Chubbiest Baby on the Block.) 

8. Girls night game night. As you can imagine, we didn't get much game playing done because we were busy talking and laughing but it was still so much fun. 

9. Feeling a little motivation to get moving on the baby nursery. I posted my inspiration items yesterday and think that over the next few weeks I'll start to pick up some things and start the clean-out process. Is this called nesting? 

10. Ribs. BryGuy used his smoker for the first time last weekend and made some really delicious ribs. I think he'll be doing a little guest blog here next week about the process, stay tuned. 

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